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July 14-16th Flash Fiction Festival, Bristol: FUEL editor Tania Hershman will be talking about the anthology and introducing a selection of FUEL authors who will read their flash stories. Only open to those already attending the Festival, details here >>

Feb 15 ONLINE If you missed our online launch party hosted by Writers HQ – where editor Tania Hershman talked about why she decided to publish the anthology, and FUEL authors Sarah Hilary, Laurie Bolger, Rob Walton, Pauline Masurel, Gillian O’Shaughnessy, Nicholas Ruddock, Brenden Layte, Rosie Garland, Jo Gatford and Jude Brewer read their prize-winning stories – and which raised another ÂŁ200 for Fuel Poverty charities – you can watch it here:

Interviews & Reviews

2nd March: Over on Instagram, jmw_cafenbooks recommends FUEL for #WorldBookDay, saying: “I would like to recommend this very interesting and meaningful book for everyone especially aspiring writers. It contains flash fictions from writers who have won first prize in various flash fiction writing competitions around the world and the best thing is the editor @tania_hershman_writes has organised and provided multiple guidance on how you can read this book which also gave me insights on what judges normally look for in the submissions. The best thing is, by buying this book, you get to help the community as well because profits of the sale of this book will be donated to charities combatting fuel poverty in the UK! I love how I get to enjoy doing and buying what I love while being able to contribute to the societyđź’ťđź’ť”

Editor Tania Hershman talks about the why and how of the FUEL anthology on the London Lit Lab blog: “It was an absolutely fascinating process to be involved in from the entirely blank page all the way through to the box of books arriving from the printers! I won’t say it wasn’t fraught at times, and I did worry until the box arrived (this morning) that, despite it having been proofread by me over and over until I couldn’t see straight, and by a few of the very kind and generous authors in the book, I would have seriously screwed something up. But I loved having control over every single aspect, from the choice of fonts (I love fonts) to the page layout.” Read the full interview

The Bath Flash Fiction Award interviewed Tania about why FUEL could be a great resource for writers and writing teachers: “I remember very well when I was starting out as someone who hoped to be a writer how I felt so influenced by all the “shoulds”: here’s how you should write, here’s what you should write, the “rules” for a good short story. But I didn’t find that way of writing worked for me, and I wasn’t interested in writing those kinds of stories (I am always my own first reader; I write to tell myself stories). Slowly, over several years, I came up with my own writing methods, the ones that let me write the stories I want to write in the way I want to write them. This is what I hope FUEL might be able to do for others: first, show everything that flash fiction—and perhaps all kinds of writing—could (not should) be. To say to all writers, Yes, you can write a page-length piece with no punctuation, or write a story as a bullet-pointed list or as a letter….” Read the full interview

Retreat West asked Tania what makes FUEL , a collection of prize-winning flash fictions, different from other flash fiction anthologies: “A book like this—with an enormous variety of flash fictions of different lengths, shapes, forms, genres, voices— could serve… to bust some myths about what kinds of stories win writing competitions, as well as celebrating and giving another outing to all these stories, some of which had never been published in print…” Read the full interview